"I have been doing R.I.P.P.E.D. for over a year now and, I must say, I am stronger, healthier and noticing that I have a lot more endurance.  I just love having you, Melissa Hickman, as my teacher/trainer.  You inspire me to be better, you are always encouraging me to give all I have to myself, and you make the class fun!  I am seeing muscle tone and strength that I never had before.  I am now trying on, and wearing, clothes that I used to pass by at the store.  I feel great and am more self-confident.   Who wouldn't love that?!  So, thank you, Melissa, for showing me this class and being my friend and trainer.  You make me a better me!" 



"Melissa is a one of a kind trainer. She kicked my butt when I took her class!  It was not only challenging, but so fun that I became addicted. If you get a chance to work with Melissa, do not hesitate! She WILL motivate you to reach your goals in a way like no other!"


"Not only is Melissa fun and energetic, she gets your booty moving! 
Any class that Melissa teaches instantly becomes one of my favorites. She focuses on form and technique while offering a killer workout that is sure to get you in great shape. Take one class with her and you, too, will become addicted to Melissa and everything she teaches.  I never miss a class!" ~Jamie~